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Wide is the gate and many are those who enter therein.


The Farm Midwifery Center offers:

° Prenatal care, labor and delivery services and postnatal care

° Childbirth education classes

° Primary well baby health care

° Home delivery service for residents of middle Tennessee within a reasonable distance from the Farm Midwifery Center.  If you live outside this area, we have birthing cabins available for our visiting birthing families.

For more information on our midwifery services, contact:

The Farm Midwifery Center
198 Second Road, Summertown, Tennessee 38483
931-964-2293 office / 931-964-2295 FAX

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Since 1995 The Farm Ecovillage Training Center has trained thousands of students from more than 60 countries.  We offer an immersion experience in ecovillage living, complete with classes and workshops, tours and special events


For more information on our current program, contact:


The Farm Ecovillage Training Center

184 Schoolhouse Rd / PO Box 90

Summertown, TN 38483-0090

931-964-4474 •

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