Courses & Workshops

Leadership Week

June 5th - June 9th, 2017

This is your chance to apply your newly learned skills on a project of your own choosing. The quality of the project will be one that is suitable to add to or begin your permaculture portfolio. In addition, part of this course will focus on different leadership styles. You will learn how to recognize leadership styles in yourself and in others.

More information and registration here.

Biochar From the Ground Up

June 12th - June 16th, 2017

Wondering where and how to stay up-to-date and connected with the biochar community this year? Come to the Farm for a unique biochar workshop where you can spend 4 days and nights of work and play with the biochar community. This event is geared towards people who have a basic understanding of biochar and want to delve deeper into alternative and practical uses of biochar. 

This workshop is focused on the use of biochar as a building material and as a filtration medium. There will be a balance of current state of research knowledge and hands-on practice with biochar use as a building material. 

More information and registration here.

Helpful Information For Our Program Participants

The 1700-acre Farm sits on the highest ground between Cincinnati and New Orleans. The gently rolling landscape consists of streams, pastures, orchards, and extensive oak-hickory forest. Community buildings include the solar school, conference center, clinic, barns and many homesteads and clustered neighborhoods.

Guests can expect to encounter the normal risks associated with rural life: fencing, domestic animals and wildlife, tools and machinery, poison ivy, snakes, ticks, etc. If a guest has any physical or medical conditions that might limit their ability to participate in course activities, it is the guest's responsibility to advise the staff in advance of their possible impact.

Other things a guest/participant may find useful or desirable during a Farm stay include notebooks, drawing pads, writing implements, drafting tools, flashlight & batteries, water bottle, rainwear, sweater, swim suit, travel alarm, musical instruments, etc. The Farm is rather spread out and a bicycle can be an asset for those who would like to explore its full scope or travel frequently to the swimming hole, basketball court, store, or other points of interest. We often have young adults register for our courses, but because of the skill level, we don't recommend the classes for children under 15. Persons wishing to bring children with them can arrange for food and lodging at an additional cost, but we would prefer on the longer courses to have your undivided attention.