Summertown Tennessee

Whaz happenin dude?
Hey dude, spare change?
Meet the Midwives
c\'mon, give me the business, dude
how long are you planning to be around?
Give peace a chance
history is a mystery...
whazzup, dude?
fossil sixties
C\'mon down, y\'all.
Fun! Learn by doing, then go out and do it some more.

Latest News from the Farm:

New book contrasts the early days of communal living from the present day experience

The Farm Then and Now presents the story of a group that has defied the odds, blending idealism with a practical approach to intentional community and creating a model for sustainable living. Just as the Monday Night Classes taught students to open their hearts and minds, The Farm continues as a school of change, demonstrating ways to operate collectively in terms of:

  • Land, water and stewardship
  • Health care, building and infrastructure
  • Cooperation, compassion and spiritual values.

For humans to survive as a species, we must re-learn the skills needed to work together; the lessons of The Farm can be applied in any community or organization. The Farm Then and Now addresses both the successes and shortcomings of this unique ongoing social experiment, showing how what was once the largest commune in the world has evolved into an exceptional example of living lightly on the earth.

The book will be released by New Society Publishers on March 1, 2014.

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Alternative Education: High School Radical Civics taught at the Farm School by Alan Graf, now on YouTube

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The Farm Disc Golf League

18 hole course on The Farm

est. 2008

Handicappers meet Sun & Wed 3 pm

You must be accompanied by a Farm resident or have
permission to use this course.

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    Dig the vibes and follow me down a psychedelic rabbit hole. Telepathic group mind becomes group think, as the trip becomes a 12,000-mile, follow-the-guru-round-the-country, road adventure. Wherever we went, through a hundred American towns, cities, and college campuses, we gave the status quo a good shake and spread a contact high. Three hundred hippies, in 100 colorful buses and vans landed in the boondocks of Tennessee—up Moonshine Alley—with the FBI, KKK, and vigilantes with shotguns watching the pot-smoking, city greenhorns attempt to farm and survive.

    Offering these Advanced Courses:

    Carbon Farming

    Financial Permaculture

    Ecovillage Design

    Midwifery Workshops

    Integrated Agroforestry

    Regrarian Consulting

    The Biochar Solution
    Carbon Farming and Climate Change
    By Albert Bates

    foreword by Vandana Shiva

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    1-800-567-6772 ext 111

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  • COP16

    Explore a new pathway toward your
    BSc or MSc in Ecosocial Sustainability Studies
    with Gaia University

      Our new Ecovillage Apprenticeships satisfy the requirements for a Permaculture Design Certificate and advance students toward completion of the Permaculure Diploma

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