The Farm EcoHostel

The Farm EcoHostel Communal Kitchen

Our rustic EcoHostel is located within The Ecovillage Training Center here on The Farm. Though it has since been updated, the original hostel building was constructed from scrap army tents and recycled building materials from the early Farm days. Every effort has been made to retain the authenticity of this historical building - except for the addition of indoor plumbing and electricity! The Farm EcoHostel Communal Guest SpaceThe EcoHostel offers two dormitories, three private bedrooms, one private cabin, two renovated school buses, and plenty of camping space. We also offer access to the communal kitchen where guests are welcome to cook and store their food, outdoor solar showers, and free Wifi! Surrounding the hostel are examples of sustainable design: edible landscaping, ponds, rainwater catchment, and naturally built buildings from cob and strawbale to to recycled and native materials. On-site power is provided by a large solar electric array, and all water wastes from the hostel are biologically treated by our constructed wetlands! Nearby there are beautiful hiking trails, a disc golf course, and our local swimming hole.


EcoHostel Rates

Camping$12/per night/per person
Dormitories$25/per night/per person
Private Room$35/per night for one
$50/per night for couple
Private Cabin$65/per night for one
$75/per night for couple
School Bus Suite$30/per night for one
$40/per night for couple

Contact our Hospitality Manager, Laura, to make reservations today!

• Children between the ages of 5-12 are half price, children under the age of 5 stay for free 

Weekly rates available 

There are no pets allowed at the EcoHostel