ETC Staff

Albert Bates, ETC Founder, Global Village Institute President, Master Permaculture Instructor

ab-snow-portraitAlbert Bates is the author of The Biochar Solution: Carbon Farming and Climate Change, The Post Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook and numerous books, films and new media on energy, environment and history. A former environmental rights lawyer, paramedic, brick mason, flour miller, and horse trainer, received the Right Livelihood Award in 1980 as part of the steering committee of Plenty, working to preserve the cultures of indigenous peoples, and board of directors of The Farm, a pioneering intentional community in Tennessee for the past 35 years. A co-founder and past president of the Global Ecovillage Network, presently GEN’s representative to the UN climate talks. When not tinkering with fuel wringers for algae or pyrolizing cookstoves, teaches permaculture, ecovillage design and natural building and is a frequent guest on the ETC Podcast. He tweets at @peaksurfer and blogs at

Hayley Joyell Smith, Program Director

620918_10150976744775670_1609831284_oHayley Joyell Smith is grounded in the geosciences and has a deep appreciation for the spiritual-perspective of the Earth, which is why she believes that ETC is a perfect fit for her. Hayley Joyell has learned and worked in permaculture communities in Chile, Argentina, Thailand, and the United States; all of which have taught her valuable skills. Her specialty is in water and wastewater systems and she is currently developing more earthen building skills. She is a passionate teacher who infuses method, curiosity, and relevant application of skills and knowledge in her courses. Most of all, she loves good questions and working with others to figure out the best solution. Hayley J. completed her undergraduate degree at Hanover College, where she double majored in Geology and Philosophy. She was first introduced to The Farm in 2002 through a Utopia and Intentional Communities course. Hayley then worked to bring members of the community to campus for a Farm inspired festival called Wake Up and Live. After graduation, she then moved to Asheville, NC where Smith taught middle school science and region-wide watershed education. Hayley later earned a Masters in Earth science from North Carolina State University. She researched the intersection of geoscience education and sustainability. Before coming to The Farm she was consulting for American Geoscience Institute’s Center for Geoscience and Society. Now she is thrilled to be able to bring her love of teaching, nature, and challenges of the mind, heart, and hands together. You can learn about some of her experiences on her personal website.

JaySun The Green Resorcerer, Facilities Manager & Appropriate Technologies Instructor

JaySun Facilities ManagerJaySun The Green:: Resorcerer is a member of The Farm Community since 2003 and has been the Facilities Manager of The Farm's Ecovillage Training Center for over a decade. Besides keeping multiple systems maintained and running, he is also a teacher who enjoys sharing from his fountain of knowledge and experience. He is well versed in many forms of alternative energy, and is involved in the research and development of Free Radiant Energy and battery rejuvenation technology. He dreams of building a long-range, highway speed electric vehicle that charges itself! JaySun loves living in the deep forest, connected with nature with his wife and teenage daughter. He plays the cello and also enjoys drumming around a fire.

Laura Look, Hospitality Manager

10703720_10154580341985276_2127124740105040050_nLaura Look is originally from the great state of Maine and has been living on The Farm for the past year and a half. She greatly looks forward to becoming a full-fledged Farm member and building her forever home here. Before making the move south, Laura was a student at the Maine College of Art studying photography, and had her own business photographing portraits, weddings, and handling promotional photography for small local businesses. Laura's role at the ETC revolves around the hospitality hub that is The Farm EcoHostel, and she very much enjoys getting to know the many guests who come and go. Aside from the typical daily tasks a hostel requires, Laura likes keeping fresh flowers on the table and fresh bread in the kitchen.

Seala, Ecovillage Dog

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.13.51 PMSeala joins Hayley, our Program Director, on her journey here on The Farm. As the first Ecovillage Dog, Seala is happy to learn the new skills necessary for the position, such as being gentle with the fowl, and eating up the food crumbs in the communal kitchen. She thoroughly enjoys a nice hike through the woods and relishes a good , long nap in the sun. Seala loves to meet new people, but would prefer if you didn't pet her tail and paws.