Global Village Institute

The philosophy of the Global Village Institute is that emerging trends that link the world together are not ethically neutral, but often have long-term implications for viability of communities, rights of nature and our common future. Thoughtless design is everywhere. It is time to do things differently.

We are about closing the circle.

Returning CO2 from sky to earth.

Recovering energy and nutrients from wastes.

Regenerating human communities...

and all our relations.

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The Ecovillage Training Center

One of GVI's projects has long been the Ecovillage Training Center at the Farm, a living laboratory with an immersive pedagogy. As we have trained others and spun them off to do their own teaching, we are currently reimagining ourselves as something more. Stay tuned. We have served as a unique environment for folks who were just beginning to learn and think about redesigning their lives and others who have dedicated their lives to amazing missions and wanted to skill up. Appropriate technologies and permaculture design are apparent throughout our buildings, edible and medicinal landscape, water systems, and the 4000 acres of protected woods and meadows of the greater community. The Training Center within The Farm ecovillage began in 1994 in an effort to find a way forward by teaching people the skills necessary for the final century of humanity, or, alternatively, to do what will be needed to keep the species going for millennia yet to come. At that time we were just beginning to network with other ecovillages, and today our Global Ecovillage Network is more than 20,000 ecovillages strong and still growing. The Farm has provided a place for many of those pioneers to acquire needed skills, and its methods and practices have been widely replicated at scores of eco-community-based training centers worldwide. Over the past two decades participants have come to The Farm from 60 countries to take turns at appropriate technologies and a new consciousness — the spirit that infuses and empowers The Farm ecovillage. It is not enough to understand the challenges; what is needed are viable strategies and, more importantly, the capacity to think, improvise, and create. Those skills do not come out of a book or webinar. They come from hard-won experience, trial and error, and the chance to make mistakes, regroup, and try again. This is one way to truly experience what it means to live more responsibly, as if there really were going to be a future we can believe in.
The Green Dragon Natural Building
The Ecovillage Training Center is part of the Global Village Institute, a non-profit organization that has serviced Tennessee and various communities in other countries since its founding in 1994.

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