Work Exchange Opportunities

We recognize that not everyone can afford to come for a month or more, or has the resources to spend about $300 week for instruction. We also have needs for able volunteers to help us complete work on some overdue The Farm Ecovillage Volunteerbuilding projects, and so we are willing to make a compromise.

We cannot promise to spend a lot of time on teaching you permaculture or all the various aspects of natural building and organic gardening, but if you are willing to come for at least a trial week, we could sure use a hand. However, this option is not available during our apprenticeship program.

We will provide camping space, hot water showers, toilets, basic bean, grain, and whatever seasonal fruits or vegetables are ready to harvest from our garden and access to a shared kitchen. You pay $50/week to defray costs.

If you are interested please send us an email and include: 1) why you are interested in volunteering, 2) what skills you are confident in that might be useful at the ETC, 3) the date you are anticipating, and 4) any prior experiences that you find relevant for us to know. You are welcome to attach a resume but please answer the above questions as well.