Welcome Center Campground

The Welcome Center Campground

Located in the hills of southern Tennessee, enjoy the great outdoors and our community with a stay at the Welcome Center Campground. The Farm is a gated community, the gate is open everyday 7am - 7pm. You may exit at any time by driving up to the gate to automatically open it.

$14 per night

(931)964-3574 or Vickie@TheFarmCommunity.com for reservations

Campground Guidelines:

• Water hydrants are located at sites 2 & 3 •
• Run water for 30 seconds before drinking •
• Please close the outhouse door & lid after use to prevent flies •
• The grill is for use with charcoal only. Please extinguish grills or fires before going to sleep or leaving the campground •
• Please do not use gasoline or accelerants for campfires •
• Please do not break branches off the trees for fires •