Apprentices live in shared housing known as The Hodge Podge Lodge which includes dorm rooms, a shared kitcPermaculture Apprenticeship Typical Dayhen, and shared living space. There are solar or gas-fired showers, and compost or flush toilets on site to choose from. Conditions at the Training Center are primitive and tight, but very comfortable. Camping space is also available to apprentices who are interested.


Upon arrival, your apprentice kitchen will be stocked with some grains, beans, spices, produce, coffee, tea, limited dairy, and condiments. Otherwise, the kitchen is available for your own creative and cooperative mThe Farm Permaculture Apprentice Gardeneals and you will have a small budget allocated for purchases. Apprentices are encouraged to cooperate with one another in creating their own group kitchen dynamic, to provide for their food needs. There is a garden that will provide seasonal fresh vegetables, and access to the bulk food buying co-op. There is also a convenience store located about 1.5 miles deeper in the Farm. The Farm Store has organic as well as conventional selection similar to other grocery stores. Several miles off the Farm there is an Amish grocery that sells bulk grains, beans, and has a bakery and deli. The Innkeeper and the Program Director will be able to assist apprentices in their food purchases to replenish their larder. If you have special dietary requirements, please advise us as soon as possible so that we can accommodate you.


10 week Apprenticeship

Monday April 3rd - June 12th

This program includes a PDC and the opportunity to build your portfolio by taking a leadership role on a project of your interest. We recognize that the PDC covers many topics and often programs don't allow for participants to develop their skills to a degree where they are confident in the newly learned skills. This extra month will allow for participants to take on an independent project. This will include a proposal, budget, timeline, skills involved, and how to integrate permaculture principles. There will be time through the course where each student will have the opportunity to facilitate the group as they work toward the completion of their project. At the end of the course there will a presentation and assessment for each project.


Because our goal is to disseminate information towards a beyond-zero-carbon ecovillage future, the only fee we apply is the small monthly cost of your food and lodging. We have priced these programs as low as we can, The Farm Permaculture Apprenticeship Aloeconsistent with our goals of providing a healthy whole foods diet in comfortable and safe accommodations.

$1,400 a month, which is only an average of $323 per week. If you are accepted into the program, you will be notified by email or by phone. Upon notification you will be asked to send a non-refundable deposit of $500 in order to reserve your space.

While apprentices are free to participate in all of the programs we offer during their stay, we cannot offer free admission to courses at The Farm given by non-ETC providers. What we can do is to allow you time off from other chores to attend any of those events you wish to while you are here.


Permaculture Apprentice Transportation

Shuttle service is available upon request from the Nashville Airport. There is one free shuttle which will attempt to coordinate with all arriving apprentices. If you miss that shuttle, you will need to rely on personal or public transportation. If we provide a personal shuttle trip, the charge is $60 each way, but can be less for individuals if several people share. Click here for directions to The Farm.

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