Share Your Skills & Join the Team in Getting Stuff Accomplished!

Duration of Stay
  • 5 days - 1 month
  • Opportunity to connect with Farm community.
  • Gain skills in whatever project you are helping out with that might be going on upon your arrival and while you are here. You will likely be working along side one of the staff at the ETC and will learn as you assist them. We will likely learn something from you as well!
  • A camping spot or dorm room bed. Accommodation upgrades for a private room in the EcoHostel or naturally built home are available for a discounted price.
  • You will have full access to all kitchen communal food, which maintains the 'basics' of rice, beans, grains, and whatever is being harvested from the mushroom logs and garden. However, you should plan to provide your own food. And of course, there is a good chance that folks will share and you might even join in on a potluck.
  • This is a sliding scale system with a suggested donation of $10-$15 per day. If you can afford more and are inspired and enriched by your experience here then we ask you consider contributing what you feel is equal for your experience. The minimum is $5 per day, which includes The Farm's hospitality fee of $2 per person per night.
  • We ask for a minimum of 3 hours of work per day per volunteer.
  • You have very little responsibility and get to join in as we work to make the world a better place, one space at a time.