Harness Your Skills & Engage with the Community

Duration of Stay
  • 1 month - 4 months
  • Opportunity to work with Farm community members.
  • Support through the development and follow-through of a personal project that can be used for a permaculture portfolio.
  • Partial participation in workshops that are being held at the ETC during your stay.
  • Weekly one-on-one education with our skilled staff.
  • We will provide you with a private living space with shared kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities. Upon your arrival we can determine the best fit for accommodations. This might be a bus, a tiny naturally built home, or a room in a larger naturally built home. You may also camp if you choose.
  • You will have full access to all the kitchen communal food, which maintains the 'basics' of rice, beans, grains, and whatever is being harvested from the mushroom logs and garden. Any food beyond what we have in stock or in season is your responsibility. You will be provided with a designated space in the shared refrigerator and shelving in the kitchen.
  • We ask that you contribute $500 per month. Part of this goes toward The Farm's system of fees & dues. All Farm residents and community members currently pay $104 per month per adult. The dues system has been in place since the 1980s. Your $500 also includes a $100 deposit, which you can earn back at the end of the month as long as the set agreements of the program are fulfilled.
  • Official introduction into The Farm community.
  • Access to our extensive tool shed, the "Makers Barn".
  • Extreme satisfaction of completing a valuable project at the ETC.

Current Positions Available:

Organic Garden/Edible Landscape Intern
  • Our 20-year-old edible landscape was implemented using permaculture design principals. We have micro-climates, wetlands, bamboo groves, and a food forest. The organic garden was designed with synergistic principals in mind and has a history of biodynamic gardening. You will spend your time maintaining and cultivating these spaces. We encourage the use of these resources as a way to create revenue to support your stay.
Hospitality Intern
  • A great way to learn the ropes of managing a space that receives guests from all around the world. You will mostly be working at the EcoHostel but will also help with facilitation or hosting groups for our workshops. Check out our AirBnB listings!
Outreach & Marketing Intern
  • The Ecovillage Training Center is evolving and working on our branding and expanding our networks. This position will involve designing promotional materials, attending outreach events, and building relationships with communities for collaboration.
Natural Building Intern (3 positions available)
  • We have several building projects that are at different phases. We are in need of interns with experience with any of the following: carpentry, natural plasters, green roofs, and straw-slip or strawbale.
Water Systems Intern
  • Our integrated water systems include rainwater catchment, constructed wetlands, bio filters, and swales that will provide you with a variety of systems to sharpen your maintenance skills. We have a couple of potential projects that you can be a part of designing as well. There is also an opportunity to learn about the greater Farm community water systems which include: a constructed dam and swimming hole, the protected watershed, and groundwater.
Alternative Energy & Transportation Intern
  • The Ecovillage Training Center is part of the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology. Research and development taking place involves the improvement of electric vehicles and stored energy. We want to expand our solar captive systems on site. You will be working closely with our Resorcerer, JSun DaGreen

If you are interested in learning more about these positions, please send a cover letter outlining your skills and experience to Hayley at