Artist in Residence

Let the mystique of the ETC inspire profound vision and manifestation of your art form!

Tiffany Lee Nelson, 2016 -
Duration of Stay
  • 1 month - 3 months
  • While you will likely learn something valuable every day that you are here, your formal education is in your hands.
  • You are offered the 'Farmie' discount on any of the running workshops offered during your stay.
  • We will provide you with private living space with shared kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities. Upon your arrival we can determine the best fit for accommodations. This might be a bus, a tiny naturally built home, or a room in a larger naturally built home. You may also camp if you choose.
  • You will have full access to all the kitchen communal food, which maintains the 'basics' of rice, beans, grains, and whatever is being harvested from the mushrooms logs and garden.
  • We ask that you contribute $600 per month. Part of this goes towards The Farm's system of fees & dues. All Farm residents and community members currently pay $104 per month per adult. The dues system has been in places since the 1980s. Your $600 also includes a $100 deposit, which you can earn back at the end of the month as long as the set agreements of the program are fulfilled.
  • You have very little responsibility for maintenance of the ETC.
  • You will have access to the shared tools in our 'Makers Barn'.

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