Permaculture Apprentices in the GardenThe main goal of our apprenticeship program is to integrate a broad variety of permaculture skill-building and hands-on experiences into one comprehensive package lasting 1-3 months. We try to convey the permaculture lifestyle and help you to grasp underlying principles and attunement with ecovillage processes. What we have arrived at is an immersion pedagogy that combines one hour per day of classroom instruction, some independent study assignments, collaborative work with small teams on special projects, and a lot of normal farm labor, natural buildingPermaculture Apprenticeship Tools, organic gardening and small business enterprise. No two programs are alike, and all are informed by the skills and abilities of the engaged and brilliant participants who come from all over the world. Our goal in creating this program is to promote systemic social changes towards sustainable human habitats and to encourage loving personal growth, free artistic expression, caring relationships, deep environmental awareness, and celebration of cultural and individual differences. We hope to inspire people to work for something greater than themselves. The more immediate goals (from big vision to everyday practice) are:
  • To help catalyze the creation of more ecovillages
  • To move students from understanding and concept development to practice
  • To explore sustainability issues in all myriad forms
  • To provide hands-on, experiential learning in the environment of a 40-year experimental community
Our advanced permaculture immersion apprenticeship program has no pre-requisites although a permaculture introductory course or some familiarity with permaculture is helpful. Apprentices will learn ecology, energy and resource conservation, social and community skills, and the economics of sustainability. Permaculture ApprenticesApprentices must commit to not less than one month. This year we will be offering two complete permaculture design certificate programs for students who can attend for two consecutive months. Because of the comprehensive, step-by-step training involved, we prefer you stay for 8-12 weeks. Extension to longer stays may be allowed if you are having too much fun to leave. Apprentices will endeavor to work well with one another and with the staff. They will also have plenty of time to enjoy the vastness of the Milky Way, the chill of a dawn swim in a pure stream, a musical fire circle in the full moon, and the stimulus of exceptional conversation in a wood-fired sauna. Apprentices will have a deeper experience of The Farm community than a casual visit or short course might provide. We expect you to build memories you will treasure for a lifetime. Permaculture Apprenticeship Canoeing

The Purpose of the Course

In a world of diminishing resources and increasing stresses on natural and social systems we must rapidly implement strategies to restore degraded landscapes, shelter and feed displaced and hungry people, and convert our energy-wasteful infrastructure to holistic and ecological systems that meet their own needs and the needs of those who manage them. This course lays the foundation for understanding the workings of natural systems and for designing human environments that produce food, shelter, and energy. It also provides participants with a proven model of community development and extension by which they can create networks of support for themselves and empower others to do the same.

Who Should Take this Course?

Anyone who wants to delve deeper into the natural and human-made sytems that support our cultural. Gardeners, farmers, homeowners and prospective buyers of land will benefit from the energy-saving and productive insights of permaculture, while students and professionals in the fields of ecology, agronomy, resource management, architecture, and planning will find their work enlivened by the holistic and interdisciplinary perspective of the course. Community development and aid workers, real estate brokers, municipal officials, and religious leaders will find practical and creative applications for permaculture design in their respective fields of endeavor. Participants from over 60 countries in all regions of the world and from all walks of life have called the permaculture design course "life-changing, transformative, and enormously affirming." In the lively company of a diverse group of engaged and motivated women and men with a common interest in the future of humanity, learning is rapid, multi-dimensional, and long-lasting.

Permaculture Design Certification

Upon completing this course participants will receive a Certificate of Apprenticeship in Permaculture Design from the College of Graduates of Permaculture and will be entitled to use the term Permaculture in their professional work. This course presents 72 hours of the standard certificate curriculum.

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The Experience

Program Structure