Immerse Yourself in a Profound Educational Experience

Earn your Permaculture Design Certificate this Spring - apply now!

A structured program designed to immerse you in an Ecovillage experience. Some apprentice programs include a Permaculture Design Certificate. Each program varies slightly depending on the season, needs of the site, and interest of the group. Along with the bountiful natural building, gardening, and social skills learned, we consider this to be a transformational experience rich with valuable lessons and interaction with the residents of one of the world’s most successful intentional communities!

Apply now for our Spring Immersion Apprenticeship!

8-Week Immersive PDC Course, Biochar Conference and Leadership Week

Dates: April 17th - June 16th, 2017 Price: $2,700

6 Week Immersive Permaculture Design Course

Dates: April 17th - June 2nd, 2017 Price: $2,500

Both programs include PDC Certificate, Food, and Lodging.

What is Permaculture?

"Permanent agriculture" or "permanent culture," a term coined by Australians David Holmgren and Bill Mollison in the 1970s, describes a design system for creating human settlements that function in harmony with nature. Incorporating traditional knowledge, modern science, and the ecological patterns of the living world, permaculture design is applicable to farms, gardens, organizations, housing developments, towns and villages, or city neighborhoods. Since 1978, tens of thousands of individuals on all continents have learned and taught to others the principles of energy flow and materials cycling, and the simple appropriate technologies of self-reliant living: gardening, shelter, water and waste management, aquaculture, forestry, and how to organize supportive local economies. The aim of this grassroots international movement is to liberate people everywhere to provide for their own and their communities' needs for food, energy, shelter, and a decent life without exploitation or pollution and from the smallest practical area of land.

The Experience
Program Structure
Duration of Stay
  • 6 weeks – 3 months
  • Stellar instruction with Albert Bates
  • A tour of The Farm by JSun DaGreen
  • Valuable lessons from Farm community members
  • Field trips to nearby permaculture sites and farms
  • Support through the development and follow-through of a personal project that can be used for a permaculture portfolio
  • Daily guided activities in gardening, natural building, and so much more
  • Team-building and conflict resolution for co-operative living
  • Nitty gritty plumbing, wiring, and mechanics with JSun DaGreen
  • Guided meditations, reflections, and yoga
  • There are many different options for accommodations here at the Ecovillage Training Center, from dormitories to individual cabins. Where you will stay is dependent on the size and needs of our student group. All students have access to a full communal kitchen, perfect for cooking group meals, as well as shared indoor bathrooms and showers, and outdoor composting bathrooms with solar showers.
  • All meals are provided but you are responsible for preparing them. Depending on the season, we harvest food from the organic garden that is here at the ETC. We stock our cabinets with bulk items from the local Amish foodshed.
  • 8 week program April 17th - June 16th (includes Leadership Week & Biochar Conference) - $2700
  • 6 week program April 17th - June 2nd - $2500
  • Official introduction into The Farm community
  • A community pot-luck party held for you at the Ecovillage Training Center
  • Opportunities to participate in community dinners, work-days, drum circles, and rituals
  • Tie-dye fun, a full tool shop to help with your creative projects, disc golf course, brew from the brewer’s co-op, and so much more.

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