Visiting Opportunities

There are multiple ways to join the Ecovillage Training Center (ETC) community. All visitors are welcome to enjoy the following:
  • Our Eco-Bookstore, full of literature on permaculture, natural building, Farm history, and local crafts
  • Restrooms, options of conventional indoor plumbing or our beautiful off-grid "Shout House" (solar Green Dragon NuMundo Crewshowers and composting outhouse)
  • Tasty treats from whatever might be fruiting in the edible landscape
  • Entertainment by the chickens and ducks
  • Shade and comfort in the Green Dragon
  • View of the Farm from the top deck next to our solar panel array
  • Stroll down the path to Swan Creek, which flows from protected headwaters
The Farm Day VisitDay Visitor: Be Mesmerized by the Landscape, Water Systems, & Naturally Built Structures
Go for a self-guided tour around the Ecovillage Training Center which includes educational signage. You are welcome to bring a picnic to have while visiting, or we suggest getting food at The Farm Store, which is about a mile deeper into the community. Donations are appreciated, and there is the option of a guided tour by one of our on-site staff. Guided tours start at $25 for a one hour tour of up to 4 people. Group rates vary.
The Farm Overnight StaysOvernight Visitor: Get a Taste For What Cooperative Living is All About
Feel right at home as you walk into the shared kitchen and meet new friends. With a range of accommodations, from a converter school bus, private room, to a little naturally build hut, you will have time to soak up the good vibes. We recommend coming during the day to orient yourself to the space and planning to do some exploring. And you never know, you might just be here during a potluck or drum circle.  Click here for EcoHostel rooms & rates.
The Farm WorkshopsWorkshop Participant: Come Learn and Apply Your New Knowledge
Workshops are a fantastic way to come to the farm because you will be plugged into the community. With plenty of free time, you can relax in nature and reflect on how to apply you newly gained skills. Our hands on approach to all workshops encourages participants to be creative problem solvers. You will certainly leave feeling inspired to integrate more self sufficiently into your own life. Bonus: awesome vegetarian food prepared right here at the Farm with lots of love.  Click here to see our current workshop offerings.
The Farm VolunteerVolunteer: Share Your Skills and Join the Team in Getting Stuff Accomplished
With great appreciation we accept folks who genuinely want to contribute their skills and energy to moving this place forward. We are always happy to have a helping hand with cleaning, construction projects, and sometimes computer work. 

Click here to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

The Farm Artist in ResidencyArtist in Residence: Let the mystique of the ETC inspire profound vision and manifestation of your art form
A space to channel your creative energies for personal development and a way to contribute to the inspirational spaces at the ETC. This program is designed to both support artists in their endeavors and bringing talented people that want to help us cultivate a feeling of enchantment. 

Click here for more information on Artist Opportunities. 

The Farm InternshipsInternship: Harness Your Skills and Engage with the Community
An opportunity for self-motivated individuals looking to further their skills and gain experience. One of the best parts of this program is that you are encouraged and supported in exercising creative problem solving. Click here to learn more about Internship Opportunities.
The Farm Permaculture Apprentices and Seed BombsApprentice: Immerse Yourself in a Profound Educational Experience
A structured program designed to immerse you in an ecovillage experience. Some apprentice programs include a Permaculture Design Certificate. Each program varies slightly depending on the season, needs of the site, and interest of the group. Along with the bountiful natural building, gardening, and social skills learned, we consider this to be a transformational experience rich with valuable lessons and interaction with the residents of one of the world's most successful intentional communities.

Click here to learn more about our Apprenticeship offerings.