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The Ecovillage Training Center (ETC) was founded last year to promote sustainable living. Various members of the Farm community have been holding conferences and events for many years, on subjects like midwifery, vegetarian cooking, energy efficient technologies and world music. The ETC permits a central venue and organizing tool for ecologically-related meetings.

We have been promoting the concept of "ecovillage" since 1984. The word "ecovillage" has been registered as a trademark in order to protect it from abuse by land developers, real estate agents, and other commercial interests.

In our model for "ecovillage," all systems are inter-related as in a dynamic living organism. Whole systems planning is utilized. Systems are built upon and spin off from one another, simulating the development, maintenance and resilience of healthy natural ecosystems. Any activity that helps preserve, restore, and create clean and healthy water, air, soil -- our most basic life support systems -- is to be included. Anything that does not preserve, restore, and create clean and healthy water, air and soil is to be avoided, mitigated, or eliminated. When people begin to build on this foundation, there is less time spent engaging in destructive habits, and more time spent finding workable accommodations that provide comparable comfort without the negative impacts historically associated with those lifestyles. Through this context change, multifaceted innovation is inspired.

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Every ecovillage community is created in response to the problems and resources in its region at the level of understanding the participants have. Because that understanding, like nature, is constantly changing, an ecovillage itself is a dynamic on-going process. To help ecovillage planners and others think about, plan and select the systems most appropriate for their situation, a constant exchange of ideas within a greater sustainability network is desirable. In 1995, we will be pulling together the strands of such a network.

Over the past couple of years, we have been working with ecovillage groups from other countries, Germany, Australia, Russia, Hungary, Israel, Scotland, and Denmark, for instance, to support and promote new and already existing projects in sustainable village living. We believe the time has come to form a network of North American ecovillages, to exchange information, coordinate educational opportunities, hold workshops and conferences, do cooperative experiments, and for mutual intellectual and emotional support in our endeavors. We could also coordinate fund-raising efforts, and could relate as a network to European and world-wide ecovillage networks. The ecovillage network could have a central office, which could be here at the EVTC, which would coordinate activities, maintain a membership list and issue regular newsletters and updates.

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